prof. Metka Kuhar, PhD
body psychotherapy

What is body psychotherapy?

Body psychotherapy includes awareness of bodily sensations as an important source of learning about oneself and healing. My work is based on the Somatic Experiencing, the NeuroAffective Relational Model, as well as other psychotherapeutic approaches focusing on the body I have been trained in.

Description of the session and the expected effects

The highlighted question is processed through the bodily aspect, whilst not neglecting the remaining aspects (verbal, emotional and relational). Listening to the felt sense, observing the non-verbal bodily signs, impulses and movements, as well as taking into consideration the self-regulatory intelligence of the body, opens up the possibilities for understanding and healing which talk therapies on their own very rarely achieve. Through perceiving bodily sensations we obtain access also to memories, feelings and beliefs which are beyond conscious cognition and words. As a therapist, I openly and compassionately follow what arises with the client in the here and now in connection with the processed issue and on the basis of psychological knowledge I come up with questions which additionally and efficiently direct the process.

Body psychotherapy provides a secure, attuned and empathic space for transforming the unprocessed psychological wounds, beliefs and identifications which shape our view of ourselves, others and the world, as well as the strategies we employ.

By using body psychotherapy, we develop a deeper and more integral awareness of our bodies, emotions and thoughts. By doing so, we improve self-understanding and facilitate self-directing, which is exceptionally supportive in all aspects of everyday life. In fact, the goal is to awaken and encourage our vitality and joie de vivre, to become more easy-going and improve our connectedness with ourselves, others and the environment.

Sometimes, just one session is needed to achieve the desired result, but usually a more long-term process is required.

Welcome if you would like to:

  • telesna psihoterapijaheal a particular disturbing symptom,
  • overcome an obstacle in life,
  • heal an emotional wound arising from a painful event in the past,
  • improve your coping with stress or physical pain,
  • better manage the difficult emotions, such as fears, anxiety, panic attacks, depression or anger,
  • overcome limiting beliefs and patterns,
  • improve your self-image,
  • overcome dissatisfaction with your appearance,
  • become more easy-going and feel greater joy in life,
  • have more easy-going, quality and conscious relations in private and professional life,
  • find a way forward in moments of doubt or at life’s crossroads,
  • deepen the connection with yourself, etc.


I offer sessions also via Skype.

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