prof. Metka Kuhar, PhD
craniosacral session

Craniosacral Resonance

This is a light-touch technique used for working with body tissues, the skeletal system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the fundamental intelligent self-regulating mechanism called the Breath of Life. It facilitates the natural self-healing processes on physiological and psychological levels.

A Craniosacral Resonance Session
kraniosakralna terapija - pozaDuring the session, the client wears comfortable clothing. After the introductory discussion, the client lies down on the massage table. The therapeutic work includes precisely defined touches, with the most common places of touch being the feet, head (cranium) and sacrum. The therapist listens to the subtle rhythms of the organism and follows the changes in the client’s body. In doing so, it is essential to recognise the priorities expressed by the body in order to achieve the desired effect. The session usually takes place in silence and brings the client into a state of deep relaxation or a meditative state. Occasionally, we can additionally encourage the process by talking to the client. Sometimes, an improvement can be seen after just one session, but usually several sessions are necessary to achieve the desired effect.

Craniosacral Resonance, a biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy, affects the physical and psychological condition of the client. It leads to a relaxation of the body and spirit, improving well-being and vitality. It is efficient at relieving pain and a variety of physical conditions, including chronic and acute illnesses. It offers support when facing emotional and psychological challenges, especially in times of crisis or major life changes, as well as in processes of self-discovery and growth.

Who can benefit from Craniosacral Resonance?

It has proved to be especially effective in treating the following conditions:

  • different types of pain: neck and back pain, headache, migraine, joint pain, muscle pain.
  • imbalance in the central and peripheral nervous system: high sensitivity, global high arousal, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, digestive problems, etc.
  • hormonal imbalance: painful menstruation, menopausal complications, etc.
  • imbalance in the immune system: fever, infections, persistent illnesses.
  • the aftermath of long, intensive or painful dental surgeries.
  • as preparation for surgeries or as support in their aftermath.
  • as preparation for childbirth or as support in the aftermath.
  • with pregnancy.
  • with babies and children.
  • stress, hyperactivity, restlessness and different forms of internal tension.
  • lack of vitality, exhaustion and burnout.
  • physical and emotional stress.
  • post-traumatic stress: in the aftermath of accidents, abuse or other traumatic experience. therapy eases the effects, including feelings of anxiety, panic attacks, problems with forming social connections or with calming down and oversensitivity.
  • it helps patients who cannot receive other intensive therapies due to specific medical conditions.

Many people are discovering that Craniosacral Resonance positively affects their general well-being. Their energy levels improve, they find it easier to face everyday stress and are more able to enjoy life. Craniosacral Resonance works as a preventive therapy, strengthening the immune system and improving metabolism. Most people benefit from the treatment even if they do not suffer from a particular condition. In addition, with Craniosacral Resonance we can discover the ever-new dimensions of relaxation and awareness.



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