prof. Metka Kuhar, PhD


I am pleased to welcome you to my website and offer you an insight into my approach to supporting psychophysical treatment, personal development and quality interpersonal relationships, using methods that address both the body and the mind. In most psychotherapeutic approaches today, the body is still overlooked or treated in a very simple manner. Recent scientific findings and ancient teachings alike emphasise that the body is the entry point for our subconscious beliefs, traumatic memories, strong emotions and other experiences that shape our life and relationships, while at the same time it is the key to our health and fulfilment.

In my work, I strive to intertwine modern science and the wisdom and skills stemming from different, especially Eastern, traditions. The main approaches enabling us to comprehensively deal with psychological, physical, behavioural, communication and relational problems and challenges include Body Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, NeuroAffective Relational Model and Craniosacral Resonance.

I am specially qualified to safely and gently treat the consequences of situational traumas (resulting from one-off events, e.g. different accidents or incidents, medical procedures, violence etc.) and developmental traumas (different types of psychological damage resulting from poor quality relationships with a child’s primary carers).

Besides individual therapies and yoga sessions, I organise experiential seminars and other group work sessions, including in partnership with other experts.

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