prof. Metka Kuhar, PhD

Follow the body. Never in any way try and dominate the body. The body is your foundation. Once you have started understanding your body, ninety-nine percent of your miseries will simply disappear. (Osho, The Wisdom of the Sands, Vol. 2)

The practice is comprised from different forms of yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, Shakti dance, Bikram, Vinyasa), as well as other methods of conscious movement (continuum, body-mind centering, somatics, Qigong, etc.). It includes different static and dynamic yoga postures and movements, working with breath, voice and shorter meditations.

The main objectives of yoga practice are to deepen the connection with one’s own body and to strengthen vitality, health, fluidity, relaxation capacity and mental clarity. The yoga session is always adapted to the group. Since the group is small, it is aimed at yoga beginners and also at the more advanced yoga practitioners.



When? To be announced.  20.00.

Following an agreement, closed groups (maximum 6 participants) can be formed.

Where? At the Metta centre, Resljeva 36, Ljubljana (ground floor, entrance from the courtyard)



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